A toast to success

Preparation is everything in business, and we were reminded of this twice in recent licence applications.

Look to the east for cup of good cheer

Stumbling through this disrupted autumn – more a season of blanketing fog and shrivelled windfalls than one of mists and mellow fruitfulness – we can at least look forward to one of the highlights of the hospitality industry’s year.

Safety first, last, always

Does the phrase ‘Ask for Angela’ mean anything to you? Chances are, it does – though if not, you need to think seriously about changing your hospitality venue of choice (or to tell them about it).

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

All of us at Complete Licensing send our deepest condolences to the Royal Family following the news that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has died.

Help for Households

We at Complete Licensing are not political animals and neither, we suspect, are our clients, our website visitors, pretty much the whole of the hospitality industry. Don’t have the time; don’t have the inclination.

A wealth of sound advice

The odd silent disco aside, sound – particularly music – is one of the two essentials for a good night out at licensed premises (the other being, er, a drink). Whether it’s a background playlist, a (quick retro reference here..) jukebox, a live session or a full- on, all-systems-blazing DJ set, the soundscape of a pub, bar or club is integral.

Turkish venue hitting all the right notes

When the owners of Shish Meze brought a little bit of Turkey to the Essex town of Abridge, they wanted their customers to walk away with more than just a satisfied appetite.

Oh, Brother – let’s spread the word

They wouldn’t claim to have God on their side, but brothers Brian and Aidan Scarffe have come to an agreement with some of his Earthly representatives which has proved a success despite the recent tough trading conditions.

Hard work pays off at Playhouse

A lot of hard work on all sides has gone into getting The Playhouse to where it is now, but for our part, that’s our standard service and our promise. You can, of course, ask us to secure your licence and leave it at that, but this Essex venue is proof of the value of keeping Complete Licensing on board.

Back on the nightclub beat

It’s a bit of a stretch from handling high-end robberies, rough sleepers and disorderly nightclubbers in London’s West End to running a small family business in the West Country. That’s where Richard Bunch found himself a couple of years after his 2016 retirement from the Metropolitan Police.

Just reward for good deeds and good preparation

We all know you won’t struggle to find late night food and a late night drink in London’s West End. All those ‘24-hour city’ claims would look a bit silly if everything closed down at midnight, after all.

Time to knock ‘spiking’ on the head​

One issue which has come to the fore since we were all last regularly gathered together knocking back the mulled wines/craft beers/double vodkas is that of ‘spiking’ – the practice of surreptitiously introducing incapacitating substances to innocent parties’ drinks.

Straighten those Santa hats – the party’s going ahead

So here we are – our second Covid Christmas, and once more governmental regulations are forcing rapid rethinks as the hospitality sector seeks to bring some cheer to pandemic-weary customers (and recoup some of the alarming losses of the past 21 months or so).

Put the Festive finishing touches in place

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat – and it might be the best option for this year’s Festive feasting, given the anticipated supply chain problems with turkeys. Whatever’s on offer in hotels, restaurants and pubs up and down the country, it seems demand will be high.

Restricted freedoms on Independence Day

So July 4th will be a different kind of Independence Day as hotels, restaurants and pubs begin to open up again thanks to the easing of the Covid-19 Lockdown.