The better the compliance, the better the business

Let’s be honest, the one thing you have to get right when opening a business – in any sector – is everything. Business model, finance, projections, research, product sourcing, staffing…it’s an endless list even before you get to the point of preparing to start trading. But, everyone goes through it. Anyone who doesn’t is unlikely to be a business owner for long.

Hospitality serves up a few spicy extras – the biggest of which is compliance. Winning a licence depends on meeting the terms laid out by licensing authorities and sticking to them. It’s all very well thinking ‘I’ve done what was asked, now I can get on with running the business’, but it’s not that easy. You may be meeting the requirements of your licence, but better compliance can only be a good thing. Better compliance once a licence is in place means peace of mind, a good relationship with police and the licensing authority and a better-run business.

So what does better compliance look like? We at Complete Licensing are specialists at monitoring, advising and amending. Ongoing compliance forms a large part of our business and utilises our team of experts to the full. Our clients can choose how to sustain better compliance through regular planned monitoring or unplanned check-ups. Either option keeps a business on its toes but if, for whatever reason, standards have slipped or something has gone awry (often without the client being aware), then we will identify the issue and the solution.

It’s worth having a regular read of the “Ongoing Compliance” information in the “Services” section on our website. Business owners may feel they have every base covered, but in this instance, best practice involves better compliance – and fewer headaches.