Licensing Reviews

Complete Licensing’s fixed price Licensing Review service is designed to remove the uncertainty from what might seem like a troubling situation. An application for Review of your Premises Licence, whether it’s brought by the police or by a local resident, can leave you feeling your business is in an uncertain place, so the knowledge that you can banish the thought of unknown costs in the face of contesting the Review is the perfect solution.

When you put matters in our hands, you can focus on steering your business through a challenging and otherwise potentially costly period. Time is everything once a Review application has been scheduled and our experienced team will take instructions from you and hit the ground running, using our proven response system. Depending on the source of the Review application, you are likely to require an expert witness in the field of Crime and Disorder or Noise Nuisance. We will advise you on the issues that need to be covered and liaise with your chosen expert to address all the issues raised. Complete Licensing has access to leading experts who offer specially-negotiated and competitive fixed rates. As is the case with all our packages, our team will represent you before the licensing authority’s sub-committee for a sector-leading fixed fee.

Expedited Reviews

Clients who find themselves the subject of a Section 53A Summary Review need the services of a team which can mobilise quickly and effectively – more than in any other field of licensing. As we work with Crime and Disorder experts on a regular basis, we can organise a team to support you within hours of your first contact with Complete Licensing. We will provide comprehensive advice and representation that puts you in the best position to avoid or set aside Interim Steps that the local authority may wish to initiate, measures which can often result in full closure. Our team can then take you forward to your full Review hearing with the strongest possible case.

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