Major Licensing changes

Our procedure follows the pattern of new licence applications, though we do, of course, undertake a comprehensive review of premises and licence history. This overview and the detail of previous applications allow us to take forward an application which gives our client the best chance of receiving a positive outcome from licensing authorities.

Minor Licensing changes

Navigating the ‘light touch’ regime known as the Minor Variation Procedure (MVP) is far from straightforward, not least because many local councils apply differing standards and tests to identify whether or not they will even consider an application. Even that single factor illustrates the need for expert advice and guidance for what, on the face of it, might seem like a minor procedure. Complete Licensing advises on how the MVP can be utilised to deliver an effective and cost-efficient way to make important and substantial changes to your Premises Licence. Experience and expertise have enabled us to identify effective routes through the MVP to enable our clients to trade far more profitably – in stark contrast to some consultants who fail to utilise the system correctly and expose their clients to the expense and risk of a full Licence Variation.

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