New Licence Applications

Whether you’re taking over an existing business, setting up a new venture, varying or extending existing terms, licensing can be confusing and – if you don’t get it right – costly.

That’s where Complete Licensing comes in. We provide a complete, fixed price licensing application service to meet your needs and your budget. Your free, initial consultation will enable us to give you a considered strategy with a comprehensive, clearly-priced estimate setting out the various components which will make up your application documents.

We advise on all matters of local and national licensing policy, ensuring your objectives are translated into an application that complies with those policies and encourages a positive outcome from the licensing authority.

Where appropriate, we advise on the use of expert witnesses in support of your application. Our panel of experts is drawn from leaders in the licensing and regulatory world and that experience means our clients submit their applications confident that they have met the Licensing Objectives.

Our aim is always to avoid objections being made or, where objections are received, to negotiate with objectors and achieve a successful application without the need for a hearing. We have an enviable success rate with this strategy. Should objectors decline to withdraw their objections, our team represents clients at licensing authority sub-committee meetings for a fixed fee which bears comparison with any in the industry.

What is a premises licence?

A licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003 by the local licensing authority authorising the premises Licence Holder to provide “licensable activities” or for gambling – gambling activities

Do I need a premises Licence?

You need a premises licence if you intend to carry on licensable activities or if you wish to provide certain gambling activities.

How do I apply for a premises Licence?

Application is made on the correct form to the local authority covering the premises.

what is late night refreshment?

Late Night Refreshment covers the sale of any hot food or drink between 23:00 and 05:00 the next day. There are exceptions.

What are licensable activities?

These include the sale of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment in certain circumstances, and the provision of late night refreshment. There are a number of exceptions and exemptions and so worth getting advice on what is planned to see if it falls within the definition of licensable activity.

What is regulated entertainment?

The following might be regulated entertainment:

  • plays
  • film exhibitions
  • indoor sporting events
  • boxing or wrestling exhibitions
  • live music including karaoke
  • recorded music
  • dancing by the public or performers
  • any entertainment similar to live music, recorded music or dancing by the public or performers.

There are exceptions, it is work getting advice.

What are the licensing objectives?

The Licensing Objectives are:

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder
  2. The Protection of Public safety
  3. The prevention of public nuisance
  4. The protection of children from harm

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