New Licensing Applications

Free initial consultation and a comprehensive fixed-fee start to finish service utilising our panel of experts

Changes to Existing Premises Licence

Complete guided process at every stage with total attention to every detail – large or small

DPS Changes

Help with sourcing candidates and an easy-to-follow application process

Expert Witnesses

Unmatched team of experts covering every aspect of licensing

Festival Licensing

Everything you need to help stage the best event – no matter what size

Landlord Services

Protecting all our premises owners’ needs and rights

Licensing Preservation in Insolvency

Swift and decisive action to prevent license lapses or problems

Ongoing Compliance

The best ongoing monitoring service to keep your business on the right track

Policy Design & Review

Expert-led bespoke service covering every aspect of licensing

Licensing Reviews

Comprehensive fixed-price service which leaved clients free to focus on running their business

Sexual Entertainment Licensing (SEV)

Vastly-experienced team to steer clients through this challenging area of licensing

Gambling Act Application

Navigate this complicated sector with experts who leave no stone unturned

Temporary Event Notices Applications (TEN)

If you need a temporary variation, we ensure the process is smooth and simple

Late Night Refreshments

Every aspect of late-night hospitality examined and covered so you can focus on trade

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