Ongoing Compliance

Our ongoing compliance service helps our clients to demonstrate to the local authority that responsibilities have been and continue to be taken seriously. You have an obligation to ensure that your venue is operating not only within the law, but also to your stated operating schedule.

Complete Licencing provides an ongoing compliance service which enables you to protect your licence. We can often identify potential problems before they become an issue and, should your venue attract any criticism or adverse comment, this service is essential in helping you to demonstrate your commitment to operating to best practice.

Compliance Checks

As part of our ongoing compliance services we are able to conduct checks however and whenever the client wishes. You might decide to opt for pre-determined intervals or random checks which could mirror licensing authority compliance visits.

Whichever option you choose, Complete Licensing will provide reports and feedback on the best way to improve staff practises and behaviours and ensure compliance with the law and the terms of your licence.

Proprietors operating groups or chains of establishments requiring licences will find this service invaluable. Our experienced consultants carry out checks of uniformly high standard, which means there is no discrepancy between individual businesses within a group or chain.

This is also a service with much to offer landlords. Knowing the required compliance standards have been met in premises you own – even those you don’t operate – brings crucial peace of mind and the knowledge that headaches are not around the corner.

Incident Report Collection and Checking

This service allows your staff to send incident reports to us, at which point one of our highly-experienced former police officers will go through the detail and take the necessary action to ensure you have a complete and overall picture of what has happened.

This might include Complete Licensing’s expert contacting members of staff or witnesses to take telephone statements or remotely viewing your CCTV and writing an independent viewing statement. This thorough investigation of every incident will enable you to maintain accurate records of exactly what has occurred at your venue – no matter how minor the incident.

Our clients understand that this service proves invaluable should there be action taken by a responsible authority. In addition, in the event of an insurance claim being brought against a client – even years later – this service allows for a robust defence.

Crime Prevention Advice

Complete Licensing has brought together a team of consultants who can offer the best and most comprehensive crime prevention advice.

This service includes an exhaustive survey of your venue, reviewing all the processes you have in place such as CCTV, ID Checking and other safety protocols. Based on the results of this survey, we will provide you with a detailed plan designed to reduce the possibility of crime and disorder occurring at your venue.

Crime Scene Preservation Training

You and your staff have to be prepared for every eventuality the hospitality industry encompasses, and that might include playing a role in preserving a crime scene.

The way your staff act and react can be crucial. It could be a contributing factor in apprehending an offender and aiding in a successful prosecution. Additionally, your staff’s actions can have a positive effect in maintaining your licence and ability to trade – and maintaining public confidence in your venue, which in turn can affect the effectiveness of your business.

Complete Licensing’s expert-led training will ensure you and your staff are well-informed and well prepared for any crime scene issues.

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