Is Complete Licensing a Law Firm?

Complete Licensing UK Limited is not a law firm and the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) does not regulate or authorise our business. Our experienced consultants give advice and guidance, but they do not act in the capacity of lawyers or barristers. What this means is that if you use the services of Complete
and any of our consultants, you will not be instructing us as you would someone who’s legally qualified, and it would not be possible to raise a complaint with the Legal Ombudsman in the same way that the client of a solicitor can. It is important to note that our consultancy team comprises people who have long and varied experience in regulatory and compliance issues. If you need legal advice from a solicitor on any issue, we can refer you to someone with the relevant
expertise to advise you and with whom you would be entering into a completely separate contractual relationship. However, you are free to decide which legal representative you choose to work with.

If I need legal representation can you recommend a law firm or barristers’ chambers?

Yes we can. We can put you in touch with a legal representative with expertise in the specified area of the law but it is your decision whether to engage them. It is important to remember that this would be a separate contractual relationship from your relationship with Complete Licensing.

Can a representative from Complete Licensing UK appear for me at a licensing authority or Gambling Commission hearing?

This is one of the services Complete Licensing offers. We can represent you at licensing application hearings or resisting those made by other parties. However, Complete Licensing would not be able to represent you in the event of a subsequent appeal. In such circumstances, we could recommend a suitable law firm or barristers’ chambers.

Can a representative from Complete Licensing UK represent me in court?

Should your licensing application require an appearance in court, that will fall under the heading of a reserved legal activity and must be undertaken by a solicitor or barrister. Complete Licensing can recommend a law firm if needed and will ensure that the recommendation is suitable for the client’s specific needs. Any contract will be with the law firm rather than with Complete Licensing.

Can you work with our current Licensing Lawyers or Consultants?

We can, though it is worth bearing in mind that Complete Licensing has built up an experienced and sympathetic team of lawyers and barristers, former police officers with specialised licensing knowledge, doctors and senior nurse practitioners, town planners, highly-qualified academics in relevant subjects and health and safety experts. These consultants can provide detailed reports and can call on a wealth of experience to provide expert witness testimony.

How do you protect the interests of your clients?

We make sure there are no conflicts of interest which would prevent us from looking after you. Subject to our terms of business, the information you give us and the advice we give you is confidential. Complete Licensing has professional indemnity insurance in place and we take your privacy extremely seriously.

So, my correspondence with you is confidential?

Absolutely. Correspondence between you and Complete Licensing is in strict confidence but will not attract legal advice privilege as it is not exchanged between legal adviser and client. We take privacy very seriously. All our internal company communications are conducted over an encrypted messaging system, and our emails use PGP encryption.

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