Creating a good trading environment

One thing we at Complete Licensing pride ourselves on is giving the best service available to anyone involved in licensing. To that end, we’ve gathered together an advisory team which can rival any in the hospitality sector.

A safe port in any licensing storm

When you’ve dealt with everything from irate clubbers in central London to irate hotel guests, a licensing hearing might seem like a breeze.

Knowing the game inside out

Inside knowledge is a valuable asset, and one which can make the difference between winning and losing – essentially, achieving your goal.

A wealth of sound advice

The odd silent disco aside, sound – particularly music – is one of the two essentials for a good night out at licensed premises (the other being, er, a drink). Whether it’s a background playlist, a (quick retro reference here..) jukebox, a live session or a full- on, all-systems-blazing DJ set, the soundscape of a pub, bar or club is integral.

Back on the nightclub beat

It’s a bit of a stretch from handling high-end robberies, rough sleepers and disorderly nightclubbers in London’s West End to running a small family business in the West Country. That’s where Richard Bunch found himself a couple of years after his 2016 retirement from the Metropolitan Police.