Check your tactics before the big kick-off

Here we are then – or, in football parlance, here we go (here we go, here we go) – at the start of Euro 2024, when fans of all nations are still full of hope and keen to sink more than just one glass as they cheer on their team.

We’ve spoken in previous blogs (Summer – and football – on the way & Extra reason to toast British Euro success) about the European Championships running from mid-June to mid-July and the way licensees can make the most of this Germany-based football fest.

Hopefully, all TENs applications have been sorted and plans made for potential boosts from licence extensions should British teams go deep into the competition. But if you’re still feeling a bit overwhelmed, or just want go over your checklist with a fine-tooth comb, help is at hand because the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) has issued a comprehensive guide full of advice for premises and licensees showing football this summer.

The guide has been produced in conjunction with and is supported by leading licensed trade bodies including UK Hospitality, the Institute of Licensing and Best Bar None as well as the Local Government Association and the National Police Chiefs’ Council. It’s a hefty list of backers, and you can be sure if you follow all the advice being handed out you’ll be on solid ground.

The advice document (see link below) reads like an A-Z of common sense but it’s easy to overlook some aspect of preparation, so our advice is to have a thorough read and make a note of anything you’re not sure of.

Obviously, the potential exists for a healthy number of busy football nights – we know fans will watch anything that involves 22 players and a ball if the mood takes them – and time is short. So, if there’s any aspect you haven’t thought of, or are unsure about, get in touch with us at Complete Licensing. We can handle the issues raised in the document swiftly and efficiently which, as ever, means our clients can concentrate on running their business.