Expert local knowledge pays off in Soho

There’s a fine line between celebrating success and blowing your own trumpet too loudly. At Complete Licensing, we like to think our record in achieving licences speaks for itself, but we also feel that giving ourselves the occasional pat on the back is merited – especially when success has been achieved against the odds.

When The Soho Social café and restaurant contacted us they had already been refused an alcohol licence. Located in Berwick Street, in the heart of Central London’s vibrant Soho – but also in the heart of Westminster Council’s ‘stress’ area – Soho Social is cheery and welcoming, serving food and drink from breakfast through to supper time.

The proprietors sought an alcohol licence to round off their service to customers, but some gaps in the licence preparation and opposition from the local residents’ association had led Westminster Council’s licensing committee to reject applications.

Joint owner Labinot Pacolli came to Complete Licensing and we had a long, hard look at every aspect of his application before taking it back to the council. We’re fortunate to be able to call on experts at the top of their field – including former Westminster Council licensing officers and ex-Metropolitan Police officers who spent years working in and with Soho licensed premises. In addition, our legal team has many years of experience working with licence applications in Central London.

We’ll let Labinot Pacolli take it from here…

“The obstacles we faced in our first applications were unreasonable, but once we went to Complete Licensing everything changed. They took it out of our hands and through expert knowledge made the whole process easy. They helped us reach out to our neighbours and explain what we were trying to achieve, and of course their understanding of the processes and requirements of the licensing committee proved invaluable. They also helped us with TENs extensions to allow us to make the most of our first Christmas and New Year season.

“We’ve now established ourselves with a regular clientele and a good reputation, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Complete Licensing.”

So, if you’re in the Soho area, pop in to the Soho Social and maybe raise a glass to our experts, who made it all possible.