Take steps to make your Christmas merry

And so, this is Christmas – pretty much as we all recognise it. The first time in what seems like years (mainly because it is years) that we’ve been able to celebrate the Festive Season without restriction. Well, almost without restriction – the only one being the economic squeeze which is forcing people across the length and breadth of the UK to think carefully about how and where they want to spend their money.

Still, any hospitality venue worth its salt will have worked that one out and marketed accordingly. The great British approach of trying to have a good time whatever the weather (literal or metaphorical) has served us well and those venues fortunate enough to still be trading are looking forward to full or near-full bookings over Christmas.

This is where that old adage about prior planning preventing problems, or something like that, comes into play. The checklists should be written in stone – food and drink ordered, reservations properly spaced, decorations hung…that sort of thing. But have you remembered to go over the staff rota one more time? Have you remembered to take on sufficient staff? Have you taken into account the need for extra staffing levels at New Year? Are all your staff up to date with rules and regs around serving alcohol, checking ID, ensuring client safety? Are you doing enough to ensure staff safety? Have you sorted all your licence extensions? It’s worth a good look round the Complete Licensing website to confirm that all your ducks (or turkeys) are in place.

If you do find you need help to sort out a seasonal issue (or any issue), we’re around any time – including right through Christmas and New Year. Just get in touch and we can help.

Whether or not we speak, everyone at Complete Licensing wishes everyone in the hospitality sector a happy, enjoyable, busy and successful Christmas.