Give yourself the gift of forward thinking

Here we are at the end of the year once again, and while most of the population is planning nothing more strenuous than a post-prandial stroll on the 25th or a browse through the Boxing Day sales, this is ‘the show’ for the hospitality sector. Long days, long nights, little time off. Same as last year, same as most (non-pandemic) years. And, to a large degree, we love it.

But if, in between the ringing bells and (hopefully) ringing tills, you have a few moments to yourself, a little strategic planning might be a good idea. Of course, there will be plenty of time for admin once the New Year rush fades into memory. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with getting a head start, particularly if you’re planning a variation to your licensing conditions.

It’s not likely to be the most onerous task: check the conditions of your licence (or get your manager to do so), think about what you might want to achieve going forward, and get the ball rolling.

Whether it’s an issue with WAVE (welfare and vulnerability engagement), SEV (sexual entertainment licensing), permanent extensions or variations to licensing hours or TENs (temporary event notices), whether you want to enrol your staff for training refreshment (or you have new staff who need bringing up to speed), there’s no point in holding back.

Should you need to make application to the licensing authorities for any change to your licence, it makes perfect sense to get in touch before the Festive season finishes. Local authorities may not be operating fully between Christmas and New Year, but if your application goes in sooner rather than later, it has more chance of being swiftly dealt with.

Licensing solicitors – like most of the country – take a break at this time of year, but if you need help or advice, we at Complete Licensing are here to help with any query you may have. You could also take advantage of our comprehensive, highly-regarded online training courses, which you can find on our website.

Whether you’re rushed off your feet or able to sit back and watch your business run like clockwork, all of us at Complete Licensing wish you a happy and prosperous Christmas and New Year and look forward to speaking to you in 2024.