Hard work pays off at Playhouse

If you’re an avid follow of this blog (If? Forget false modesty – we all know this is the essential read for the licensed trade..), you’ll know that aftercare is as important to Complete Licensing as securing a licence in the first place.

No need to trot out the many ways in which we ensure that meeting licence conditions is not one of our clients’ worries. We’ve got your back, is all you need to know.

We can offer plenty of examples of how we’ve achieved this, but one outstanding example is The Playhouse nightclub in Epping, on the eastern edge of London.

Keen readers will recall that Complete Licensing secured a licence for the club after a justifiably tough session with the local council’s licensing committee. This was a venue which, under different management and a different name, had been associated with a violent incident.

Playhouse opened in 2020 with the intention of creating more of a community feel: carefully monitored entry and security policies, daytime activities and an all-round safer environment.

We’re happy to say our guidance has helped the club turn round that unwanted troublesome reputation. Our micro-managing has paid off to the extent that the club has recently achieved an extension to licensing hours – a real feather in our cap and a vindication of the Playhouse management’s idea of what their club should be.

A lot of hard work on all sides has gone into getting The Playhouse to where it is now, but for our part, that’s our standard service and our promise. You can, of course, ask us to secure your licence and leave it at that, but this Essex venue is proof of the value of keeping Complete Licensing on board.

Watch the Licensing Sub Committee meeting