New team takes the field at Epping venue

Newham-born Miles Addison is a partner in Playhouse, which is planning everything from fitness classes and community events to after-dark clubbing at the former Club 195 in Epping High Street.

The venue had its licence revoked in 2019 after a series of incidents in or near the premises. But Addison and the rest of his team are planning a unique and inspiring role for this new venture. 

Playhouse has assembled a highly-experienced team of managers and consultants to ensure the venue serves the whole community. Leading hospitality consultants Complete Licensing have been brought in to run a fine toothcomb over every aspect of the new club and its plans. Complete Licensing can call on experts in all relevant areas, from security and safeguarding to licence compliance and venue management, and have prepared a comprehensive consultation document to be discussed when Epping Forest District Council’s licensing sub-committee meets in early September.

“The old Club 195 was a completely different operation,” says Addison, who played in the Premier League for Derby County, The Championship for Bournemouth and The Scottish Premier League for Kilmarnock. “Locals liked having celebrities like Scott Disick from ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ dropping in, football players, and Towie stars. We’re sure people in the public eye will want to try out Playhouse, but our focus is on a smart, safe, secure and friendly venue. Every aspect of our nightclub operation will be highly regulated and frequently checked by Complete Licensing’s consultants. 

“We have exciting new plans for Playhouse. It will be somewhere the whole local community will want to use and will provide employment for local people. There will be fitness classes, for adults and children, as well as a coffee shop during the day and the venue will be available for all groups who want to meet or hold events in a smart, comfortable and intimate venue.

“Our evening services – cocktail bar and nightclub with live music – will be high-end and we’re confident the public will embrace and enjoy Playhouse as a leading venue.”

Complete Licensing’s Richard Bunch, the former police licensing officer for Westminster, thinks there’s a bright future for Playhouse: “The owners have a clear vision of what they need to do moving forward. We have prepared a comprehensive document for the council detailing all the changes and compliance measures Playhouse will use. Our ongoing compliance checks ensure that standards don’t fall in any area, from entrance security checks to numbers, from incident recording to safety training.

“Playhouse will be a model for a multi-use hospitality venue which is integral to its community and we are here to ensure it all goes to plan.”