Oh, Brother – let’s spread the word

They wouldn’t claim to have God on their side, but brothers Brian and Aidan Scarffe have come to an agreement with some of his Earthly representatives which has proved a success despite the recent tough trading conditions.

The Scarffes used the first Covid lockdown to set up Monastic Order, a retail outlet for top quality Belgian-style beer produced by Trappist monks in Italy. [Quick aside: if you thought ‘Trappist’ referred to the holy Brothers being stuck in the cellar sampling the product, think again. The name comes from their founding abbey at Soligny-la-Trappe in Normandy.] They have since added a range of high-class wines from French monasteries to their portfolio, and business has been so brisk, the brothers are looking to expand their deal with the Brothers and offer a wholesale service.

This is where Complete Licensing steps in. Retail and wholesale sales are very different propositions in licensing, and we have worked hard to guide Monastic Order along the right path. The process involves securing the correct import and alcohol wholesale licence and needs well-prepared and documented work liaising with HMRC.

Our consultants were able to keep the machine oiled (or the booze flowing, if you prefer) and now Monastic Order are ready to spread the word about their products to a much wider world. And while we don’t like to suggest our efforts amount to Divine intervention, we were definitely the right people for the job.