Review doesn’t have to be a dirty word

Licensing Review. A couple of words which, when used in conjunction, might have even a stout-hearted licensee reaching for a stiff drink.

In reality, there’s often no need to worry and certainly no reason to panic. Sure, there might be an identifiable issue with your premises or practices, but even the best-run businesses can be subjected to a licensing review.

An application for a licence review can be brought by anyone from police, environmental health officers and trading standards officials to the local licensing authority, the Home Office’s immigration department and even a member of the public.

Get in touch

If a licensing review has been initiated it’s because something connected to your business doesn’t appear to be functioning correctly. The first thing to do is get in touch with us at Complete Licensing. We are vastly experienced at dealing with all aspects of licensing, including reviews – and our track record in resolving issues in our clients’ favour bears comparison with anyone’s.

Our highly-qualified team – former police officers and environmental health officers, audio and soundproofing experts and, of course, legal professionals – is available to assist with any licence review and the good news is that we operate a fixed price service.


Naturally, clients are not keen for news of potential difficulties to be spread far and wide, and we support that desire. We will talk through problems, then quietly go about preparing your case for any hearing. Our experts’ knowledge of the hospitality sector and all aspects of the Licensing Act 2003 will provide peace of mind at what is, potentially, a troubling time for any licence holder.

Just because you don’t read about successful reviews in our blog pages doesn’t mean they don’t happen. We’re thorough, professional and discreet and we treat all our clients as priorities, so you can be sure Complete Licensing will give you the best chance of success in any licensing review.