Straighten those Santa hats – the party’s going ahead

So here we are – our second Covid Christmas, and once more governmental regulations are forcing rapid rethinks as the hospitality sector seeks to bring some cheer to pandemic-weary customers (and recoup some of the alarming losses of the past 21 months or so).

Not that we’re complaining about the need to protect the public from the ravages of Covid-19 in all its variants. Nor do we wish to make the terrific efforts of our emergency services, and particularly the NHS, any tougher.

But. But…licensees throughout the land could, no doubt, have been spotted holding head in hands earlier in December when the need for vaccination passports or negative tests at large venues came into force.

Still, this industry is nothing if not resilient and tales already abound of ingenious adaptations aimed at keeping the doors open and the drinkers and diners happy and legit.

There may have been plenty of cancellations or delayed reservations, but there are plenty more customers determined not to miss out on social events, as so many did last Christmas. And it’s all legal – we should work from home, but we can still socialise. If you have any queries about exactly what services you can and can’t offer, Complete Licensing is just a call or a click away with expert advice.

So let’s spruce up the decorations, check the optics, make sure those Santa hats are on straight and ensure customers have the time of their lives. We could all do with some Christmas cheer – and we at Complete Licensing wish all our clients, and licensees everywhere, a happy, busy festive season.